Monday, August 31, 2020

Sunday Drive 30 Aug 2020

Yet another Sunday marathon drive. Still in COVID land 2020.

Audio book this time was "The Hunting Party" by Lucy Foley. This drive fell just short of the 10 hours 8 minutes of this book. (Still had about 40 minutes left on the book when we arrived at home.)

Started out on Ave D (CA-138). Could see quite a bit of burned areas from the Lake Fire from the past couple of weeks.

North on Interstate 5 to Maricopa Hwy (CA-166). Coming out just above Santa Maria. 

North on US-101 transitioning to CA-1 into Moro Bay area. Taking CA-1 north along the ragged edge to Willow Creek Beach Day Use area. The rest of CA-1 was closed at this point due to the current fires in Big Sur area.

We stopped at the Willow Creek parking area and had a nice picnic lunch in the car (still social distancing people) and enjoyed the overcast day. The temperature outside made for a perfect day. Not to hot not too cold.

From there, we headed back south taking CA-1 to US-101. Making a small stop at "Arroyo Hondo Old Hwy 101 Bridge to shoot a couple nostalgia photos and stretch the legs. And then back home via CA-126.

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