Monday, August 24, 2020

Smokey Weekend Drive 23 Aug 2020

Very smoke filled sky drive.

First out to Boron to see the new Loves service station that is being built.

Took CA-58 all the way to Barstow and drove parts of the original Route 66 down town Barstow.

Back on US-15 north bound to the Fort Irwin exit. Drove out to the Ft Irwin gate. Smoke was so thick in the air that visibility was only about a quarter mile. Did make for a very surreal but cool visual when 2 Black Hawk helicopters came cruising out of the smokey air about a quarter mile in front of us about 200 feet off the ground in formation. Disappearing back into the sky about as fast as they appeared.

Just before the main gate we turned back around and headed back to Interstate 15 south. Exiting at old CA-58 business route. Merging back onto CA-58 out at Linwood road. Exiting at Kramer Junction and heading North on US-395 to 9-mile canyon road. Taking that past Kenedy Meadows up to Black Rock Station. Back down to Kernville. Out Bod fish and back to CA-58 up through Tehachapi and back home.

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