Monday, July 27, 2020

Sunday drive

Sunday Road Trip 26 July 2020

Sunday morning, started out with a 5 mile walk. Then decided to take a drive again and listen to an audio book. So we started "The Guest List" by Lucy Foley. 

The drive started out with a quick stop at McDonalds for a customary McGriddle combo and breakfast burrito combo. Don't reall like their food all that much, but the drive through is usually quick, so we could hit the road. Once we had food and started the book we hit the road North.

The car took us up Weldon pass and into Kernville. A quick stop at Vons to pick up some lunch food and stretch the legs for a couple minutes, top off the gas tank. We headed around Isabella to Wofford Heights area. I had noticed a sign a few years ago at Wofford Heights for highway 155, but we had never taken the time to explore it any further and find out where the road went/came out at. So today was the day. It turned out to be a pretty nice winding drive over the mountain to San Joaquin Valley to Delano.
At Delano we caught the 99 south to Famoso and the Paso Robles Highway (46). Headed west on 46 to Paso Robles. It was hot, dry and a little windy, but not to bad of a drive. Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Once we arrived in Paso and crossed the 101 freeway we went up Nacimiento Lake Dr, which becomes Godfrey Rd and eventually Chimney Rock Rd. Cheryl and I did this part of the drive back in 2016 for her birthday that year, hitting some wineries on the back loop. So we decided to see a couple of the places again this time.

We drove all the way to a locked gate on Chimney Rock Rd past JUSTIN Winery. We couldn't remember if the road went through or ended. It ended at a private gate. So we turned back. 

Jaimie and Cheryl at Dubost
We made a stop at Dubost Winery and had an awesome handmade stone fired vegetable pizza for lunch, with a wine tasting flight.

From there we caught Adelaida Rd. Trying to remember if this was the exact route we took in 2016 or not. We confirmed it was when we came across Kiamie Wine Cellars. This was a winery we had stopped at back in 2016 right before the end of the day and we closed 'em down. Great outdoor winery environment. Couple of great owners. This time around we arrived just before the last pour, again! But we made it just in time. To be greeted by the dogs. The last time we were there one of the dogs was just a puppy. He's grown quite a bit now LOL. Had a great time just relaxing and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere with the owners, and Cheryl having another tasting flight.

From Kiamie winery we continue on to Eric Seastrand Memorial Hwy (46) and head west to the coast line and US 1. I always forget that there isn't actually a signal at this spot, so a Sunday afternoon making a left turn onto US 1 is a challenge to say the least. But we made it. Headed south on US 1 down to Morro Bay area.

Since it was getting to be late in the day, decided to fill up on gas and start the trek back home. South on US 1 to US 101 past Cal Poly. South on US 101 to exit at Cuyama Hwy (166). The road that takes us back to the outskirts of Bakersfield to catch US 5 to US 138 and home. Note to self US 138 in the dark sucks!!

Overall it was a great drive. About 560 miles total and about 10 hours driving time. Almost finished the audio book, but still have 1 hour and 40 minutes to go. But I was tapped out at that point.