Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rainy Days

Looking forward to some great food today and then leaving to go riding early the next morning.

It has been raining on and off for the past two days. Clouds are still in the sky for Thanksgiving, but it looks like it is trying to clear up.

Starting to look like riding on Friday is going to be Awesome weather!!! And there will be mud and no dust.... Rock On!!! Should be a blast!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Baccus Gallery

Well my Baccus Gallery is back online for now. We'll see how long it stays up, but for now it looks like it is cleaned up and working again. Was having some issues with my hosting company. But I think that is now resolved (hopefully).

You can check it out at:

I will be trying to keep the photos current. But as always, as time permits. I might also start putting my experimental photos in my slide show application at But I still need to explore it a bit more.

Hoping to go motorcycle riding on Friday, but we'll see what the weather does. Looks like possible rain for the next couple of days.... Of course it will, since it was so nice last weekend and I stayed home so I could go motorcycle riding this weekend. Oh well, we'll see how it turns out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fire In The Sky

This was one of the cool sunsets we get out here in the desert. Unfortunately, I missed the best part of it and I was still in an area with power lines and other foreground junk. This one would have been really cool about ten minutes earlier silhouetting a Joshua Tree. But as is usually the case, not in the right place at the right time. One of these days.

Haven't had much time lately to get out and shoot pictures. Started working a 9/80 (9 hour days) schedule and with the time change it feels like it is 10 pm when I leave work, even though it is only 5:30. And been trying to learn cross site scripting, which is a form of hacking of web pages, so I can learn how to prevent it on code that I am righting. Since no one else on our team really seems to want to learn any of it. So I will learn it and then break there stuff.... :-) Some one has to, why not me. So it's always an adventure. Trouble shooting other people's code and fixing it for them and figuring out creative new ways of breaking it for them.

I have decided not to do the Death Valley trip for Thanksgiving as I had originally planned. Still can't afford the new tires for my truck. So I am going to forgo it for a bit. Maybe some time in Feb or March. We'll see....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Drive

I decided that it was time for the kids to get out of the house and get some energy out. We started out heading to Devils Punch Bowl. But I got so into the audio book I was listening to, I missed the turn to Devils Punch Bowl. So I decided to explore another area. Unfortunately I cant think of the name of the road we took now. We spotted the "crash airplane" house through the trees and had to stop and take a couple of photos.

There were still some good fall colors on the road that we took, just not many places to actually stop. We did however finally find a place that had a small stream. So the kids had fun climbing over the log and rocks trying not to fall in. Tanner and Jordyn both slipped a few times, thus wet shoes. But they all seemed to enjoy the outing and getting out of the house and cleaning there rooms for a little while.

Halloween Night

Took the kids to go trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood. They wanted to see the haunted house again at the end of the street.

It was pretty cloudy, but no rain that night so it was really nice out. Great weather for trick-or-treating.

Jorydyn went as "Bloody Scream". Blood would run down the face of the mask when she squeezed a bulb attached to the mask. She kept telling everyone at houses that she was a girl behind the mask. Shad went as his usual Motorcycle sword boy.

Tanner as always added great animation to his Skeleton costume. Always goofing around. The only problem we had one time, was that we saw another skeleton just like him, and about the same size, running from house to house. Thought it was Tanner and was ready to go chase him down, when the real Tanner came out from the house the rest of the kids were at, mask gone. He said he kept getting all wet when he wore the mask. (Well yeah, that is what happens when you sweat in a mask.... LOL)

Ashley went as the Mad Hatter. As you can see, no posing for shots here... lol. I didn't get any shots of Dalton by himself, guess he was using those white ninja skills to hide out.

Ashley and all the screams. Two other kids on the street where Kerry and Lori live were dressed in the scream costume as well.

The High Desert Cemetery was the theme of the haunted house this year. The kids seemed to really have a good time and as always got lots of candy. We'll see how much of it is still in a bag next year at this time.