Friday, August 20, 2010

Relay for Life

I am participating in the Relay for Life in Palmdale for my third year in a row. There are less than 28 days till the event now.

I will be walking this year to remember those we have lost (and recently) and to support those who are currently fighting this disease, and to celebrate those who have fought and won.

Please help support this event if you can with a donation.
Click here to visit my personal Relay Page.

Click here to view our team page.

If you don't know somebody who has had cancer, or who is currently fighting it, you will!  Please do what you can and help.

Thank you and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Remembering add Celebrating:
  • Terry Spiro (fighting)
  • Annette Pitre (fighting)
  • Andrea Ostrowski (fighting)
  • Alex Hobbs (fighting)
  • Bill Barron (2010)
  • Alice Schlicker (2006)
  • Tommy Jones (2008)
  • Sally Hudson (2008)
  • Ernie Rodgers (2002)
  • Lester Thomas (2001)
  • Toni Killberg (a great teacher and mentor to many)
  • Rebecca Hooper (Surviving)
  • Robert Thomas ( Surviving)
  • Marie Hobbs (Surviving)
  • Fred Hanes (Surviving)
  • Eunita Mitchell (Surviving)
  • Katherine Bowman (2008)
  • Joseph Perry (2007)
  • Gordon Roth (2005)
  • Athena Flood (Surviving)